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      Peter Prothero

     Peter & Jacquie Prothero

    Peter was born in 1955 and raised in London, with his Christian roots in a local Brethren assembly. At the age of 22, while studying civil engineering at Manchester University, he had a fresh experience of the reality of God and subsequently moved to Colchester to be involved in a new church plant and attend a three-year Bible college programme. After graduating he established his own print and design company, and by 1985 was supplier for many of the major missionary societies in the UK as well as corporate clients like Lloyds of London.

    After five years in church eldership Peter was ordained senior pastor of Colne Valley Community Church, where he served for eight years. During this time he focused on training cell group leaders and encouraging prophetic worship with the dynamic use of spiritual gifts, founding an independent Christian school and establishing an inter-denominational monthly leaders’ network gathering.

    In 1993 Peter stepped back from church leadership to complete a master’s degree from Lancaster University in management learning. This focused on the training, education and development of leaders and managers. Here he developed his ideas on servant leadership and the role of women in ministry. During this period he worked as a manager for a company overseeing business start-up programmes. He personally mentored over 100 owner-managers of growing businesses, helping them implement a more servant style of leadership.

    Moving to Denmark in 1998 to teach at the International Apostolic Bible College, Peter oversaw the college’s leadership training programme and lectured in biblical exegesis, hermeneutics and communication. During his tenure he had opportunity to mentor many of the students personally and today a number of these graduates are serving in business organisations or planting/leading growing churches. Some of these leaders he continues to mentor.

    In mid 2006 Peter returned to West London and joined the apostolic team at Equippers Church London (part of Acts Churches UK). He held pastoral responsibility for the West London congregation until taking up the senior pastor role at Jubilee Church in 2008.

    Peter continues to do some travel ministry, bringing teaching, inspiration and challenge to leaders and churches. But his passion is to build a significant local church that will be a resource to many other churches in the UK and overseas. He is also involved in leading the Harvest bachelor of ministry degree course, a joint venture between the Apostolic and Pentecostal Bible colleges in Denmark designed to equip leaders already in ministry. In the UK he is a regular tutor for the master’s course in missional leadership run by Together in Mission.

    His excellent biblical and academic knowledge, along with his business and pastoral experience, make him a sought-after speaker. Peter is married to Jacqueline and they have six children.

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    Prayer Meeting
    7:00pm Wednesday 20 August, The Hub, Chertsey
    Friday Fun
    3:00pm Friday 22 August, The Hub, Chertsey
    CORE Youth
    8:00pm Friday 22 August, The Hub, Chertsey
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